Counselor Frequently Asked Questions

When is camp?

Camp Conquest 2022 will be June 13-17, 2022

Where is the camp held?

Camp Conquest is located at Children’s Harbor on beautiful Lake Martin in Alexander City. The camp facility has air-conditioned cabins and bunk beds, a large swimming pool, lake for fishing, and many other recreational activities for the campers.

How old does a volunteer/counselor need to be? 

Counselors need to be 18 years or older.

Can caregivers of campers serve as counselors?

One of the goals of camp is for burn survivors to gain independence and grow at their own speed. Camp is also an opportunity for survivors to connect with each other as well as firefighters, nurses, law enforcement, and others connected with the pediatric burn community. While we appreciate caregivers’ desire to be involved, in order to facilitate this independence and connection we have found that it provides the best experience for campers when caregivers do not serve as counselors.

How long is my commitment as a camp counselor?

For the well-being and safety of the camper, we prefer counselors do not come for sporadic days and only leave the camp premises unless it is an emergency.  Each counselor makes a week-long commitment. This is a week-long commitment that will be very rewarding for you individually.

If you can’t be present for the entire week but still want to volunteer in some capacity, please still fill out an application! You can indicate what days you can attend and we may have opportunities for you to still help with camp. Please note, however, that preference will be given to those who are able to serve for the full week.

Who are the counselors/volunteers?

Counselors and volunteers come from a range of backgrounds including:

  • Firefighters
  • Nursing students
  • Chaplains
  • Child life specialists
  • Child life specialist students
  • Law enforcement
  • Burn survivors who have aged out of camp
  • Others connected to the pediatric burn survivor community

What is the application process?

  • Contact Lou Standifer @ 205-638-9398 or email to
  • Complete an application and return by deadline
  • Complete background check form and return by deadline
  • Complete Expert on Line Training (short videos to watch followed by a quiz)

What are the expectations for a counselor? 

  • Arrive Monday morning and leave early Friday morning when cleared to leave
  • On Monday morning, every counselor is matched with one or two campers
  • You will work primarily with your matched campers to make sure all his/her needs are met and they are safe while having a blast!
  • Dedicate your complete attention towards the safety of the campers
  • Be a great role model (language, attire, attitude)
  • Discourage cell phone usage during camp activities
  • Make sure campers are where they need to be at all times
  • Do not hand off campers to another counselor for them to watch
  • Encourage them to keep up with all their belongings & arranged neatly in their cabin
  • Help them come out of their shell by creating a bond. Many campers are too shy to participate at first but with you as a buddy they will be encouraged to participate.

Who provides medical care?

Children’s of Alabama medical staff is available for the entire week of camp.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information contact Lou Standifer at 205-638-9398 or email to